Performance Management

Organization with success and growth

Provide constant encouragement to the workforce and make them think out of the box to exhibit brilliance at work and bring the business immense success. Try RapidHR Performance Management which is trusted by many organizations across the globe.

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Provide constant encouragement to the workforce and make them think out of the box to exhibit brilliance at work and bring the business immense success. Try RapidHR Performance Mana which is trusted by many organizations across the globe.

Better Talent Retention

With people being such an important asset, it’s key to continuously work towards goals and to highlight areas employees want to work towards.

Super Personalized

Providing with you the best performance frameworks for your team.

Continuous Engagement

Constant reviews and feedbacks along with easy mobile check-ins make everyday performance better.

Goals Settings

Align your performance objectives with your company mission

Align all goals and communicate them throughout the business, from the highest levels downward. Each person must achieve the section goals, each section must achieve departmental goals, while each department achieves business goals.

  • Star Icon ImageBetter alignment with strategy
  • Star Icon ImageAuto-Sync Goal Achievements
  • Star Icon ImageLibrary & Goal Plans
  • Star Icon ImageCascade Goals

Talent Development

Fostering talent growth embodies the aspiration for excellence. Fast-track career growth with actionable development plans that nurture your best talent and help retain it. Boost career plans with learning recommendations that help employees to fill their skill gaps to reach their next career milestones faster.

  • Star Icon ImageCareer Plans & IDP
  • Star Icon ImageEfficient employee case management
  • Star Icon ImageSmart HR workflows
  • Star Icon ImageInsightful analytics

RapidHR Performance Management Features

Aim for Excellence

Regularly measure performance with RapidHR to encourage your employees to aim for excellence. Then, your organization is set up for success and growth. RapidHR is comprehensive. It combines performance reviews, feedbacks, analytics, and OKRs in one platform, giving you the full picture of your talent.

Unique Performance Philosophy

Your people are unique, so we understand that one size cannot fit all. RapidHR allows you to design a performance philosophy that is unique. It empowers you to choose any framework or to combine several frameworks. Then you will experience an unparalleled impact on your performance.

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Create a nimble performance culture by giving managers the tools to record performance and to engage and nudge employees at critical times. Incorporate continuous feedback from relevant stakeholders, thus making performance management multi-dimensional.

  • Star Icon ImageDaily performance management, not an annual event
  • Star Icon ImageStatus Updates
  • Star Icon ImagePerformance Journals
  • Star Icon ImageContinuous Feedback
  • Star Icon ImageMulti-Stakeholder Feedback

Multi-Stakeholder Feedback

Managers and employees use mobile-first check-ins, journals, and continuous feedback to manage and improve day-to-day performance.

Powerfully Customised

Make performance frameworks, review frequencies, and choice of stakeholders that work for your teams as they are.

Information that Informs Growth

Help your employees to become the best versions of themselves with a talent lens far beyond performance.

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Total picture of organisational performance, Learn what inspires your employees, identify potential trouble spots that require fixes, and provide incomparable employee experiences, supported by a gold-mine of people data. Get a complete view of the ‘why-what-how’ of your employees which captures key talent information and gives you foreseeable insights.

  • Star Icon Image360° Talent Profile
  • Star Icon ImageRole-wise Dashboards
  • Star Icon ImageTalent Search
  • Star Icon ImageContinuous Feedback
  • Star Icon ImageDownloadable Insights

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