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Core HR management, performance management, workflows, attendance management, payroll, leave management, task management, onboarding and recruitment made simple.

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Adapt to new realities, work faster and smarter. Determine a defined future of work for your organization with a strong, flexible, global HR solution.Explore the RapidHR Product here

  • Star Icon ImageEasy access to documents and information.
  • Star Icon ImageAn employee database that scales.
  • Star Icon ImageSmart HR workflows.
  • Star Icon ImageAutomation of HR processes.


Everything you need to create a high-performance culture

Core HR

Employee management, directory, workflows, self-service, document management


Monitor attendance, schedule smart shifts, and make many attendance methods possible.


End-to-end payroll processing, taxing, benefits tracking, exemptions, User Payslip.


Acquire talents, skills and have a smooth run for employees from day one.

Leave Management

Configure every type of leave policy and use leave dashboards and reports for tracking


AI enabled engine for hiring, skill set matches, tracking interviews and feedback.

Performance Management

Staff evaluations, goal setting, talent management and ongoing 360-degree feedback.

Travel Management

Monitor the employee travel request, expenses and also the status of the requests.

Task Management

Plan tasks, track and complete them efficiently, delegate task and set remainders


Simplify the complex processes of the payroll with RapidHR, also a powerful, secure, accurate, automated and 100% compliant system!Rapid HR provides quicker processing, precise payouts, any business that wants to prevent potential financial and legal repercussions from non-compliance and guarantee that employees are paid accurately and on time with precise payroll administration.

  • Star Icon ImageQuickly determine payroll calculations and deductions
  • Star Icon ImageGenerate accurate Payslips
  • Star Icon ImageUsing payroll management to plan future costs
  • Star Icon ImageSecure Data’s and Privacy


Allow time for greatness and unlock higher productivity through our integrated and advanced time and attendance management system. Similarly create a digitally seamless onboarding experience so that shortens the new employees’ time to productivity.Then set them up for success and build delightful employee journeys from day one.

  • Star Icon ImageEnhanced employee accountability
  • Star Icon ImageAccurate payroll processing
  • Star Icon ImageFlexible, instantaneous attendance recording
  • Star Icon ImageAttendance policies that are transparent and consistent

Our Global Client Companies Trust RapidHR Software Join us and find out why



Regular performance management with RapidHR encourages your employees to aim for excellence. Then, your organization is set up for success and growth while . Read more…

  • Star Icon Image360 Performance reviews and templates
  • Star Icon ImageManagement By Objectives
  • Star Icon ImageSelf-Evaluation Tools
  • Star Icon ImagePerformance reports

Wall of love

People love RapidHR ! Here is what some of our users have to say.

Selvaraj Kalimuthu

HR Manager

Get smarter and more efficient software with features designed to free you from administrative work. Join us and find out why.

Dhanalakshmi Subramanian

HR Analyst

It’s easy to use , servers the purpose well with good information. Especially to manage HR tasks

Ramesh A

Payroll Admin

Get smarter and more efficient software with features designed to free you from administrative work.

Raja Mohansundaram

Technical Lead

Our Client Companies Trust RapidHR Say goodbye to mundane spreadsheets or rigid systems to manage HR tasks.

Paul David San

IT Admin

Our Client Companies Trust RapidHR Say goodbye to mundane spreadsheets or rigid systems to manage HR tasks.


Provide incomparable support to your employees, wherever they are, any time they need you with an efficient, automated, and advanced helpdesk system.Employees can get assistance or ask questions about human resources rules, practises, and benefits at the HR help desk, a single point of contact. Read more…

  • Star Icon ImageImproved analytics and reporting
  • Star Icon ImageInformation and support
  • Star Icon ImageHR policies and practises
  • Star Icon ImageIssue resolution

Recruitment Management

Accomplish the high-volume process of sourcing, tracking and recruiting the best talent that is aligned with your business – on a single, comprehensive, centralized platform.

  • Star Icon ImageEfficient & Flexible Hiring
  • Star Icon ImageDigital Offer Process Management
  • Star Icon ImageTracking & Analytics
  • Star Icon ImageLetters & Mail Merge

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