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Adapt to new realities. Work faster and smarter. Define the future of work for your organization with a flexible, robust, global Core-HR module in RapidHR.

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Adapt to new realities. Work faster and smarter. Define the future of work for your organization with a flexible, robust, global Core HR module in RapidHR.

HR Management Software

Employee Directory

Suitable for organizations of any size, regardless of their diversity. Easily set up and access all employee information promptly. Input, store, and retrieve extensive employee data efficiently within minutes, utilizing simple bulk actions.


One control center, limitless possibilities! Model, visualize and configure the system for both simple and complex organisational structures. Leverage unusually good design that radically improves setup time and brings in the agility to evolve. Create flexible reporting structures, functional units, and position organograms with summary and insights.

Workflow Engine

Efficiently automate important processes with built-in checks using custom workflows so you never waste mental energy on standard operating procedures. Capture and auto-populate information across the employee lifecycle using built-in forms of Core-HR.

  • Star Icon ImageWorkflows that work all the time
  • Star Icon ImageNo-code Workflows
  • Star Icon ImageAvoid Process Redundancy
  • Star Icon ImageNo-Code Micro Apps
  • Star Icon ImageConnect with Third Party Services


Highly Configurable

Configure RapidHR for any combinations of locations, departments, business units, employment types, cost center, and much more.

Seamless Scalability

Merge, acquire, scale up or down, de-layer, consolidate, and support agile business transformations.

Seamless Integration

Your organization’s single source of information. No matter how complex your structure, employee attributes or policies.

Highly Secure

Strong audit trails for policies, role-based access to the system, and data localization out of the box.

Globalized With Local Context

Manage your local, national, regional, and global workforce on a single platform.

Global Compliance and Data Security

RapidHR is a reliable, and secure platform built for global organisation . It enables HR teams to navigate through regulatory changes and risk factors and be always audit-ready.

  • Star Icon ImageManage a Global Workforce
  • Star Icon ImageData Encryption and Privacy
  • Star Icon ImageData Residency
  • Star Icon ImageBackup and Recovery
  • Star Icon ImageAudit Readiness

HR Documents

Put crucial paperwork on autopilot. Relax while the system takes care of all the document management with easy access and automated document generation. All your HR related documents are conveniently centralized, making their management and access super easy.

  • Star Icon ImageDocument Rolodex
  • Star Icon ImageSelf-Generation
  • Star Icon ImageBulk Generation
  • Star Icon ImageDigital Signatures

Increased Business Worldwide

The expansion of our application has significantly boosted commerce across the globe. It is now a part of everyday use and gives individuals the means to work, learn, and interact. Rapid HR project management tools have made it easier for businesses to streamline their operations. Our HR Management application makes it easier for clients all around the world to streamline HR processes and acquire talents and helps them to widen their focus on core business instead of operational issues.

Self-service for Employees and Managers

Custom Intents

Provide your managers and employees with tools and processes so they can access data on-the-go to make necessary business decisions.

Universal Search

Search for any information within the organisation from anywhere using the search facilities and AI-enabled voice search (*on-demand) in your RapidHR mobile device.


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Enhancing efficiency with cutting-edge HR technology. A single window to access all employee data, including attendance, leaves and more has enabled increased transparency.



We trust RapidHR , the different sorts of compensation structures and components are very simple to administer. UI with good look and feel makes our users comfortable.

Lucas Ethan


The platform has been economical, enterprising, and has allowed us to expand and make use of the wealth of resources with the confidence that we are in great hands.


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