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Put your company’s leave management on autopilot

Leave management doesn’t need to be time-consuming and difficult. RapidHR’s unique Leave Management Module provides the ability to pre-load annual or sick leave. Leave application and approval can be done online.

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Leave management doesn’t need to be time-consuming and difficult. RapidHR’s unique Leave Management Module provides the ability to pre-load annual or sick leave. Leave application and approval can be done online.

RapidHR Leave Management Features

Leave Request

A technology that enables managers or supervisors to oversee and accept or deny requests for leave made electronically by employees.

My Comp Off

Minimises administrative work offers real-time visibility into comp off status and usage through the process of administering and tracking comp off.

My Leaves

This tool offers employees with real-time visibility into their leave status and enables them to manage their leave requests and plan their time off wisely.

Leave History

Employees with a thorough and accurate record of their previous leave time, allowing them to schedule future leave appropriately.

Missed Punch Request

When employees fail to punch in or out or when their attendance records are incorrect, they should request revisions to their time and attendance records.

My Asset

The asset type, model, and serial number can all be viewed by employees for the assets that are assigned to them.

Intuitive Features

  • Star Icon ImageCustomise the leave function to match company policies.
  • Star Icon ImageManage advanced leave requirements.
  • Star Icon ImageAutomatically monitor the sick leave rule.
  • Star Icon ImageAutomatically track leave balances.
  • Star Icon ImageSet up advanced rules, e.g., long-service leave policies.
  • Star Icon ImageInclude all leave types that comply with employment laws.
  • Star Icon ImageSet up additional leave types, such as study leave.
  • Star Icon ImageAccess system anywhere, anytime, from the PC, smartphone, or tablet.

Managers’ Decision Making

Managers can easily see who will be away, enabling them to make swift, smart decisions and avoid potential scheduling conflicts. Leave management is automated email sent to relevant manager and the employee to confirm the leave status.

  • Star Icon ImagePlan to avoid staff shortages.
  • Star Icon ImageImmediate approval or decline of leave.
  • Star Icon ImageThe updated leave is synced with payroll.
  • Star Icon ImageLine managers can access all leave management reports via ESS.


As the ones who request and use the leave entitlements offered by their employer, employees play a key part. Maintaining a positive work-life balance, guaranteeing appropriate personnel, and preventing operational delays due to unscheduled absences all depend on the efficient handling of employees’ leaves.

  • Star Icon ImageEmployee access to leave balance and history.
  • Star Icon ImageApply for leave online or from the smartphone app.

Many Other Features

Some of the other features to help you leave management more efficiently are:

  • Star Icon ImageAutomatically take public holidays into account.
  • Star Icon ImageIntegrate your leave calendar with Outlook, Google or other calendars.
  • Star Icon ImageSet-up departments with different approvers.
  • Star Icon ImageComprehensive reporting with exports to Excel or CSV.

“Evolve your entire HR department into a condensed, easy-to-manage, all-encompassing system where you can handle employee support, payroll, and PTOs, among any other tasks HR has to manage.”

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Self-service for employees and managers

Leave Management Tracking options

RapidHR ensures you have an array of options for setting PTO policies. Configure multiple leave policies for a leave type based on how long an employee has been with your organization.

Automated Leave Management

The complete leave management process, including leave requests, approvals, and tracking, can be automated using RapidHR. This automation can assure adherence to corporate standards and governmental requirements while reducing errors and saving time.

Analytics and Reporting

Employee leaves utilisation, including leave balance reports, requests report, approvals report, trends report, and more can be produced by RapidHR. This tool can assist HR teams in improving their leave management procedures and policies through data-driven decision-making.

Asset tracking

RapidHR can track the whereabouts and condition of assets, allowing businesses to keep tabs on how they are being used, spot any potential problems or abuse, and respond appropriately.

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