RapidHR is a platform of choice for more than 70+ global brands.

Harness the power of RapidHR platform to bolster employee happiness, employee self-service and more.

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Harness the power of RapidHR platform to bolster employee happiness, employee self-service and more.

Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service gives staff members access to and control over their personal data as well as work-related tasks, which can help with time management, data accuracy, compliance, cost management, and employee engagement. ESS gives a safe, practical, and simple-to-use interface for carrying out numerous job-related tasks.

  • Star Icon ImageAutomated HR workflows, forms and Insightful analytics.
  • Star Icon ImageTemplates for routine documents.
  • Star Icon ImageMonitor all firm resources provided to employees.
  • Star Icon ImageReceive daily precise attendance status, with Notifications.

Automate manual forms to dynamic

It gives users a more flexible and personalised experience. Users can create new forms based on contexts, user roles, data accessibility, and business rules, in contrast to static forms, which have a fixed structure and fields. It is tailored to meet the unique requirements and tastes of the users, down to the branding, field types, and validations.

  • Star Icon ImageImproved efficiency and accuracy
  • Star Icon ImageEnhanced accessibility with Forms
  • Star Icon ImageStreamlined workflows
  • Star Icon ImageBetter data analysis

Top 6 Features of RAPID HR

to Optimize your Work and fulfil employee Needs

  • Leverage End-to-end self-service portals, employee data management, payroll management, benefits administration, and compliance management.
  • Simplify the complex processes of the payroll with RapidHR, a powerful, secure, accurate, automated and 100% compliant system.
  • With RapidHR Travel Management module, simplify business travel, automate expense management, and guarantee higher employee compliance.
  • Using attendance management of RapidHR, Automated absence tracking, Leave management, Real-time attendance tracking, and Time tracking.
  • Leave management can be time-consuming and difficult. RapidHR’s unique Leave Management Module provides the ability to pre-load annual or sick leave etc.
  • Accomplish the high-volume process of sourcing, tracking and recruiting the best talent that is aligned with your business – on a single, centralized platform.


Our Global Client Companies Trust RapidHR Software

All things considered, we now have payroll, time cards, human resources, etc. in one platform as RapidHR


We trust RapidHR , the different sorts of compensation structures and components are very simple to administer. UI with good look and fell makes user comfortable .

Mano Haran

Easy HR application for start-up companies, Very User-Friendly Product.


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